Badlands of Kain

1h 47min   |   English     

Directed By

Andy Palmer


Rachelle DiMaria, Katrina Norman,

Paul Soter, James Marshall


Shannon and Kris used to be best friends, but life got in the way. In order to rekindle their friendship, the girls decide to take an epic cross country road trip together for the summer. Car packed, the girls set off from Los Angeles with high hopes. Just outside Flagstaff, AZ, Shannon swerves, narrowly avoiding an accident and crashes her car into a tree. A kindly tow truck driver named Terry picks the girls up and brings them to Kain, the nearest town, to stay for the night while their car is being patched up. As the girls prepare to settle in for the night, they begin to realize that everything is not right in the small town — or with it’s inhabitants. As Kris and Shannon wait to resume their trip, they find they aren’t just fighting to save their relationship — they are fighting the clock to escape from Kain … And the fate that awaits them there.