Alien Strain

80 minutes   |   English     

Directed By

Robert Benavides and Andy Palmer


Jason Connery, Laura Gordon, Michael Finn, Rachelle DiMaria



A year and a half after Matthew last heard Rachel scream his name in that cold desert, her disappearance still haunts his dreams nightly. Only Rachel didn’t disappear, she was taken. Lifted into the heavens right in front of his eyes by a UFO, Matthew is the only witness and subsequently the only suspect. He now spends his days walking the dank white walls of the Briarview Mental Institution, where it is Dr. Charles Stewart’s job to find the answers to what really happened to Rachel. But one session is different, a memory triggered By Dr. Stewart causes Matthew’s fragile psyche to further split into a series of flashes of Rachel that he has never seen before. A reality where she wasn’t taken at all, a reality where the creature inside her was cancer, a reality where it was Matthew that killed her.